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HPV41 - HPV77 Series


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Sandwich design for easy configuration, servicing and interchangeability. Closed center for variable displacement pumps with Load Sensing and Constant Pressure control. Open center for fixed displacement pumps. Load-pressure-compensated flow. LS pressure adjustable setting on each operating connection. Antishock-Anticavitation valves on each operating connection, fixed and adjustable settings. Wide range of remote controls: hydraulic, electrohydraulic and electronic, also produced in ATEX version. Wide range of spools: flow control, pressure control, from 3 to 220 l/min. Combinable sizes: HPV77 with HPV41; HPV41 with Aron bancable valves CD3L-CDH3-CXDH3. Cut-off function on each single slice. Priority module for hydraulic steering units. Marinized version

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